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Shelter is first of all characterized by the availability of a roofing system. The roofing system is what makes the home what it is as it can determine how you feel when you are inside your apartment. Pittsburgh Roofing provides energy efficient roofing systems to protect your home, to regulate the effect of change in climatic conditions and to help you save money on cooling and heating facilities. Depending on your project, our residential roofing system incorporates different sectors. 

  • A quick fix of damaged decking which may have been caused by water or insect
  • Legal removal of old roofing systems that are no longer serving the required purpose
  • Strategic preservation of decks, vegetation, sidewalks, and lawns all through the provisions of our services
  • Effective roof treatment
  • Inclusion of good attic ventilation
  • Adequate insulation for required projects
  • Placement of different roof systems metal, shingles, wood, slate, shakes, etc. Clients can choose from any of these to protect their homes
  • Provision of lasting metal flashings
  • Inclusion of gutters and downspout. Old ones can be replaced
  • Inclusion of a reference standard like The National Roofing Contractors Association

Provision of services like Flat or built-up roofs, roof repairs, new roof system installation, insurance claims, free estimates, regular maintenance as well as expert flashing.

A Pittsburgh Roofing Company You Can Trust

We will carry out an inspection process to know the main problem as well as the cause of the problem before incorporating a solution. So when you request for shingle, we will educate you on the various types and allow you to decide on the type of shingle that is perfect for your house. When inspecting your home, if we find out that the problem is more than what you stated, we will inform you and educate you about the new development.

While we understand the implication of a bad roofing system, we ensure that our roofing materials meet the required standard of quality. Irrespective of your location in Pittsburgh or the size of your roofing, our team of professionals will ensure to meet your needs. Our roofers will carry out their responsibilities in your home within a period without interfering with your life.

So, when you request for our residential roofing, you are signing in for an assured construction with lasting quality

Roofing Pittsburgh Mission Statement

People work so hard to keep a roof over their heads. It will be wrong to give me them less of what they deserve. Roofing Construction Pittsburgh aims to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by constructively working to meet their basic needs through the installation of long-lasting products and highly knowledgeable team of professionals.

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