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Pittsburgh Roofing is more then just the top performing residential roofing Pittsburgh experts, We have the largest commercial roofing Pittsburgh division! Our team of professionals are able to install any type of commercial roofing and can install over 150 squares of shingles in just one day. Pittsburgh Roofing that your commercial roofing system protects your business, that why have recruited the top talent in entire state. Our team of commercial roofing experts will go above and beyond to make sure your completely satisfied with project. 

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Types Of Pittsburgh Commercial Flat Roofs

TPO(Thermoplastic polyolefin): has become the most popular choice for commercial roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, due to its lifespan, quality and UV resistant. It's UV resistant's saves commercial property owners a good amount of money on energy costs. 

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer): EPDM offers commercial property owners durability and versatility, for many years it has been the most common commercial flat roofing material. It's often used on low-slope to no slope flat roofing systems in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Torch down roofing is still available it is often considered unsafe and almost all commercial property owners choose not to use it. The cost of installing torch down roofing compared to EPDM or TPO doesn't give commercial property owners enough benefit to have it installed.

TPO flat roof Pittsburgh-PA
Pittsburgh Commercial Flat roof with many chimneys

EPDM Roofing Pittsburgh Pros

  • Reduced Costs Compared To Other Commercial Roofing Materials On The Market. 
  • Fast Installation Compared To Other Commercial Roofing Materials.
  • Durable & Mark Resistant Roof Material.
  • Light Weight Roofing Material.
  • Lifespan of 20 years.

TPO Roofing Pittsburgh Pros

  • Reduces heat build-Up, Due To Its White Color It Reflect The Sun Rays.
  • Most Economical Options For Commercial Properties.
  • Commercial Roof Leak Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant & Not Likely To Break-Down.
  • Algae & Microorganisms Are Ineffective.

Best Commercial Shingle Roofing Company Pittsburgh

 There are several different roofing options that are all popular for Pittsburgh commercial property uses. The commercial roofing system that you select will have an effect on the appearance and functionality of your business. A shingle roof is a extremely  popular roofing option for commercial property owners and managers.

Pittsburgh Roofing has the largest Pittsburgh Shingle Commercial Roofing Division, often called upon for large roof replacements.  We can handle any size roof and have completed 700 squares in a 2 day period. We understand how important it is to keep your tenants happy, with a dedicated project manager on site 100% of the time, it eliminates tenant complaints. Property owners and managers love using us on projects because of these reasons:

  • Expert Installation
  • Quick Project Completion
  • Lifetime Protected Shingles
  • Synthetic Underlayment 
  • Dedicated Project Manager 
  • On-Site Customer Relations Manager 

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