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For every building, the roof is the stronghold that keeps away moisture damage. It determines the temperature of the building as well as the condition of the building after several changes in climatic conditions. As important as it is, a single, poorly installed roof material can cause significant damage to your commercial or residential building. While the loss is inevitable, you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacement. Most times, these happen because of the roofers contacted for the job. Hence, it is essential to request for the services of roofing contractors like Roofing Contractor Pittsburgh who will save you your money and time.

Roofing Contractor Pittsburgh is a certified roofing contractor company that provides a solution to every roofing problem. With the highest quality of roofing materials, our team of experienced roofers installs the best roofing materials to meet the demands of your office or home.

We advise our clients on the materials needed for new roofing, roof repair, maintenance, and repair and we ensure that the minds of our clients are centred on the structure of their home or business rather than the structure of their facility. As we have been in the industry for more than 7years and we know that the needs of an establishment may interfere with the business operations. Hence, our team of professionals ensures that roofing services are effectively completed within a short period with little or no disturbance.

As we always aim at perfection, we avoid working alone. Instead, we work with our clients, take note of their needs, inspect the affected area, and make suggestions. We suggest various options and allow them to choose the one that fits their plans.

Our services are available all day and all night. So, if a problem comes up and you call in as early as 3 am, we will solve your problem. Our professionals are skilful enough not to interfere with your home or business activity all through the roofing period

At Roofing Contractor Pittsburgh, our focus is on meeting your needs rather than the pay for our services. Hence, every roofing client receives a lifetime warranty with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Meet the Expert Pittsburgh roofing Team

We didn't become the best roofing contractor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania without having the best possible team of professional roofers and roofing staff.  Our highly trained roofing professionals come from all over the United States, with one common goal, To provide our customers with the absolute Best Roofing Pittsburgh, PA Service Possible!


Regan McCook

Office Manager

Regan loves helping customers and takes pride in providing the best customer service possible.


Eric Bucks

Operations Manager

Eric has been in the roofing industry for 15 years, he is dedicated to roofing and has a roof shingle tattoo.


Timothy Barretta

Warehouse Manager

Timothy loves every aspect of shingles and is highly organized. He makes sure every job has the proper materials.

Why Choose Roofing Pittsburgh?

Various roofing options: Our services are flexible to meet the individual needs of your clients. We are experts in the various types of roofing system. Whether you are working on a new building or you want to repair/replace an existing one, our team will guide you to make the right decision.

Timely maintenance scheme: The roofing of your home is as important as the roofing of a commercial establishment. More so, the importance of a roofing system is the same for everyone. To ensure that the installed roofing system for your home or office lasts as long as we both desire, routine maintenance is important. Our maintenance team will come to your home or office on selected days to carry out our maintenance program

Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime warranty means we are forever at your service. In essence, you have access to us at any time.

Friendly And Competent Professionals: For effectiveness, we have professionals in various sectors. These professionals work together to provide the best customer service. Our team is friendly and effective, and we guarantee your satisfaction all through the roofing period.

High-Quality Roofing Products: It is better to make use of a costly but lasting material than a cheap yet degrading one. You can enjoy your roofing system without thinking of repair or replacement.

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