Repairing Roof Leaks in Pittsburgh Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

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Repairing Roof Leaks in Pittsburgh Doesn’t Have to Be a Nightmare

When it comes to location and repairing roof leaks in Pittsburgh, location the source isn’t always obvious. You can often see the results of a leak on the inside of your house: discoloration, mold, mildew, and water running down the ceiling, to name a few. But when its time to find the root of the problem, there is no obvious culprit.

3 Steps to Locating a Pittsburgh Roof Leak

Unless it happens to be raining, you aren’t going to have a clear way to find the flaw in your roof. But there are ways around that! Here are the three things you can do to identify the source of the leak:

  1. Shining A Light: The best time to look for a roof leak is during the day when its light outside. You’ll want to bring a large, bright flashlight with you, and be sure to mind your step. Only the framing timbers are strong enough to support your weight, so avoid stepping on insulation or drywall.
  2. Working backward: You know where the water ended up. Start there, and work your way up the roof. Ninety percent of the time, the leak isn’t directly over the spot in question. Instead, the water has traveled down the rafters and sheeting until finding a place to drip down.
  3. Adding Water In Needed: If you can’t locate the source of the leaking roof Pittsburgh via visual inspection, wait for things to dry up. Once the weather has subsided, send a helper up to the roof with a garden hose while you go through the attic looking for where the water enters. You’ll want them to take a systemic approach, working their way across the roof one area at a time. Once you find the hole, you can mark it with chalk or a nail; anything that makes it easier to locate when it comes time to perform actual repairs.

Repairing Pittsburgh Roof Leaks: When to Call A Professionals

The size and complexity of your leaking roof in Pittsburgh will depend on a couple factors. The roofing composition, the roof leak’s location, and the age of the roof all play a part in determining whether you can do-it-yourself or need professional assistance. Below are a few examples of when it’s best to leave it to the experts:

  • The roof is steep
  • Your house is more than two stories high
  • The roof is old and disintegrating
  • You don’t have the proper tools
  • You don’t know how to repair a roof properly

Most importantly, unless you have worked in the roofing industry previously, it’s best to call a professional for the best roof repair Pittsburgh solutions.

Your Roof Repair Experts in Pittsburgh PA

If you find yourself with a Pittsburgh leaky roof, let Pittsburgh Roofing handle it for you. We can locate and repair the leak quickly, ensuring the roof over your head keeps you warm and dry.

Contact Pittsburgh Roofing today to get expert help repairing roof leaks.