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There are several good local roofing companies in the Pittsburgh Metro area that can repair your residential or commercial roof.

Replacing your roof involves a big investment. Not only does a new roof cost Installing a roof in Pittsburgh suburbthousands of dollars, but if your roof isn't installed by an experienced roofing professional, you may have problems with it sooner than you want to.

Choosing the right contractor is an important step in getting a good roof installed properly. But how do you pick a good one?

Which Type of Company to Look For?
1. Find one that is dedicated to fair pricing and excellent workmanship, and committed to responding promptly and courteously to their client's home roofing and siding needs.

2. Look for one that is fully licensed, insured and bonded.

3. Find one that really cares for their customers and doing the job right the first time. Someone who will be on the project from beginning to end.

4. Find one that has a good, complete, reasonable and fair estimate.

5. Some of the services they typically offer are:
- Slate Roofs
- Clay Roofs
- Concrete Tile
- Shake Roofs
- Asphalt Composition Shingles
- New Roofs
- Roof Repairs
- Roof "Tune-ups"
- Siding
- Gutter Repairs and Replacements
- Gutter Cleaning
- Waterproofing
- Roof Inspections

These kind of companies handle all types of roofing in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Local Roofer:
1. How long has the company been in business? Just because a company hasn't been in business long doesn't mean that they won't do a great job, but companies do come and go pretty quickly in this field, and you want a company that you can call in a few years if you run into any problems.

2. What does the Better Business Bureau say about this company? If the BBB's files are filled with customer complaints about a company, move on to the next one on your list.

3. Does the company have current work licenses and insurance? Roofing contractors have to have the proper construction license to work on your roof, and they need to carry insurance that will cover their employees if one of them gets hurt or accidentally harms your home in some way.

4. Do they appear knowledgeable and helpful and will they provide you with a detailed estimate? Most professional roofers are proud of their work and they will take their time to inspect your roof and give you a detailed written estimate as well as explain their opinions on what brand and style of products you should use. You should end up having a good feeling about the company before you sign a contract.

The contractor is important because most of the problems homeowners run into with their roofs are due to the contractor's workmanship and not a defect in the materials. The manufacturers of the shingles or other roofing product will cover material defects for a rather long period of time, but they won't cover problems that were caused by improper installation.

Many local roofing contractors will provide their own warranty against errors in workmanship. That warranty won't be worth much if the roofer isn't still in business years from now when you need them. So try to choose your roofing company carefully.

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